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Direct TV Channels : Guide to Direct TV Channel Lineup / Listing

With Direct TV there is no choice of channel flipping to find an entertaining program! You can go to your favorite channel at once or see the program of your choice without it descending on you. You get to decide the channel, where in most other services the channel dawns on you. Not so with Direct TV. Direct TV gives you a list of its channel and its corresponding channel number. With this list you can select from more than 225 channels featuring the best of movies, news, sports and kid's programs. The channel list also has a list of the pay per view movies, events and local channels and international programming, all in digital quality!

There are a number of movies and sports channels to quench your thirst for pure entertainment. Direct TV's channel comes in packages. Direct TV's Basic Package includes 3 programs you can choose from:

Total Choice

Includes over 110 channels of movies, sports, family and music programming. At .99 per month, Total Choice is the most popular Direct TV programming package. With over 125 digital quality channels available, it proves its superiority over other cable or satellite base-programming package. Total Choice includes networks such as CNN, ESPN, Lifetime, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, HGTV, 31 commercial-free music channels and much more.

Total Choice Plus

15 extra channels of the Total Choice lineup with Total Choice Plus. At .99 per month Total Choice Plus offers you the same great Direct TV programming of Total Choice. Offering networks such as Discovery Kids, PBS Kids, and The Science Channel, Music Choice etc.

Total Choice Premier

This is DirecTV's superior entertainment experience. Includes the base programming plus premium movies and sports channels packages like HBO, ShowTime, Cinemax and FOX Sports. Starting at .99, this package is the ultimate entertainment package offered by Direct TV! With Total Choice Premier, you will receive everything that Total Choice Plus offers and all Premium Packages too, totaling over 205 channels.

Premium Packages

DirecTV Latino

Direct TV Latino Programming offering access to more than 45 Spanish-language channels, including sports, movies, music, news and educational networks, the Direct TV PARA TODOS.


More than 125 channels of quality programming.


The same quality programming found in OPCIÓN EXTRA ESPECIAL, plus an additional 20 channels.


The maximum amount of channels and entertainment available with the Direct TV PARA TODOS service.

Direct TV Movies include Showtime with 9 channels, Starz Super Pak with 12 channels, Cinemax Multimax with 3 channels and HBO with 8 channels! Direct TV also offers Premium Sport Packages that can be added to Total Choice and other packages. Empire Sports Network, ESPN, Fox Sports World, the Golf Channel etc. are some of the sports channels offered by Direct TV.

Sit back and enjoy all you can with Direct TV and its specialties. The innumerable channels offered will keep you entertained for the rest of your life!!

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