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Direct TV Installation - Installation of The Satellite Dish

If you want a satellite TV installed in your homes, there is nothing as simple as a Direct TV installation. You don't have to break your back over this. You can leave all the 'dirty work' to the professionals. Professional installation will cost you less than a self-installation. With every professional standard installation you get:

  • Strategically & optimally placed satellite dish for maximum reception.

  • High-quality wires to insure high audio and video quality.

  • Proper grounding for protection of system and enhanced performance.

  • Enhancements to insure good viewing such as off air antennas.

  • A warranty for your installation.

  • Excellent direction on how to properly operate a satellite receiver.

Get Free Professional Installation Free with every Direct TV System. Just Click on the banner to the right or call 1-800-315-1722 Promo Code: 2428 to avail the offer

The installation by the professionals is easy to follow. What they do is mount a dish on an outside wall of the dwelling with appropriate hardware, within 125 feet cable length of TV. Then they will provide up to 125 feet of RG-6 cable with the hardware necessary to ground the satellite antenna. The cables will then be routed to the TV either through an exterior wall (frame or one layer of masonry) or from a basement. The receiver will be connected to an existing telephone jack in the same room with the supplied telephone wire. This is how a basic installation is done.

If you request or require anything above and beyond standard professional installation, such as additional receivers, extensive wiring, relocation of telephone jacks or special installation hardware or accessories, you will need to pay the installer for those additional services at the time of the installation. Additional services may include: second receiver installation, second television hook-up, stereo system hook-up, chimney mount, pole mount, additional coax cable run over 125', and wall fishing of coax cable.

You can install the dish yourself with the free installation kit. It is easy to install the whole thing by yourself because it is only 18 inches and not at all that heavy.
All you need to know is the right way to point your dish, as the first step to installing your dish. It should never fail to face the southern sky. A couple of terms you will need to know are azimuth and elevation. The azimuth is the direction from east to west that the satellite is from your home. It is measured in degrees. The elevation is how far above the horizon the satellite is. The azimuth and elevation will be different depending on where you live.

You can put the dish where you want to. On your roof, on the side of your house, on the chimney, on a pole in the ground, or any other place that has a view of the satellite. The dish can also be mounted inside looking out a window.

Using a compass, you need to point the dish close to where the satellite should be. The signal strength meter in the receiver will show you how to get good signal. The difference between a good and bad signal is not the quality of the picture but its reliability, even during bad weather.

All installations have a 6-month "tree growth" warranty. All installers are also certified by the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA). A 90-day warranty covers this installation.

Direct TV will give you all the best of digital programming and more! With the right set up of the dish you can be assured of great pictures with good clarity. Ask for a professional installation now and enjoy Direct TV and what it has to offer you!!

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