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Direct TV Adult :: Direct TV Adult Programming


Want Adult entertainment? Require Hot shows and programs on your television screen all delivered with realistic sound and picture with digital clarity? Then you need Direct TV Adult Programming Package. With set of 5 sizzling hot channels from live shows to movies you will get all the adult entertainment you can handle. The following are the channels with Direct TV adult entertainment Package

5-Channel Offer for $12.99 with the following channels

A Taste of Spice in channel # 594

Playboy TV in channel # 595

SPICE PLATINUM in channel # 596 NEW!

The Hot Network in channel # 597

The Hot Zone in channel # 598  


Adult High definition TV

Normal Digital Quality Adult entertainment does not satisfy you? Then time to go High Definition. Presenting the best adult channel in never so before realistic clarity and reality, it’s so close to watching real live action in front of you, presenting Spice High Definition 

Enjoy proactive programs from spice HDTV like spice hotel, spice live clips in the highest clarity humanly possible. Get Direct TV adult Programming today and spend many naughty hours in front of your TV :)



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