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Direct TV Family And Kids Entertainment Channels


Take your family for an expedition into the thick forests of the Amazon. explore planets and stars miles and miles away. dive into the sea to explore the underwater. look into yourself and see how the human body functions. roll in laughter with animated characters and cartoons. learn how things around you work. listen and sing along to music and songs. All this and much much more only with Direct TV's Family and Kids Entertainment Packages

Direct TV has a whole range of selection of Kids and Family Program selection with the Total Choice and Total Choice plus packages. please click on the package names for more information

Total Choice     Total Choice Plus



Direct TV Family & Kids Entertainment Channels
 Complete List

FAM ABC Family,
 Channel 311
APL Animal Planet, Channel 282
BIO The Biography Channel, Channel 266
BOOM Boomerang, Channel 297
TOON Cartoon Network, Channel 296
TCC The Church Channel, Channel 371
DISC Discovery Channel, Channel 278
KIDS Discovery Kids, Channel 294
DIS1 Disney Channel (East), Channel 290
DIS2 Disney Channel (West), Channel 291
DIY DIY Network, Channel 230
HALL Hallmark Channel, Channel 312
TLC The Learning Channel (TLC), Channel 280
NGC National Geographic Channel, Channel 276
NIK1 Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East), Channel 299
NIK2 Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West), Channel 300
NKTN Nicktoons, Channel 302
NOG Noggin/The N, Channel 298
PBSK PBS Kids, Channel 295
SOAP SOAPnet, Channel 262
TDIS Toon Disney, Channel 292
TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Channel 372
TVLD TV Land, Channel 301
WHT World Harvest Television, Channel 321


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