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DirecWay Vs. Dial-UP

DirecWay Dial-UP

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DirecWay Satellite internet is the next generation hi-speed internet connectivity from Direct TV. You can this satellite internet facility with or without the Direct TV satellite Television subscription. If you already have a direct tv connection you need not have a separate dish or equipment except for the modem provided.

What you get with Direct TV Internet - DirecWAY

  1. Super fast internet Surfing experience

  2. Download huge files like movies and music at ease

  3. No more busy telephones.Direcway does not need a telephone

  4. Always On internet connection

  5. Super fast emal fetching

  6. Free 5 email addresses with instant messaging

What you need to get DirecWay

  1.   A computer running windows Linux or Mac

  2. 100 MB Space , 300 MHz Processor and 64 MB Ram

  3. Modem (supplied)

  4. Networking capabilities in the system (Ethernet card or slot)

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