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Direct TV Movies :: Direct TV Movie Channels Info

Direct TV HBO :: Get HBO's 7 Channel Line UP


Everyone's talking about it this great channel– isn't it time you got it? Get what ? What else its HBO .Order you HBO now and have 7 times more fun with 7 distinctive channels of Hollywood's biggest hits, award-winning original shows, exclusive sporting events and more.

When you get HBO's 7 channel line up there is something for everyone in the family running all the time

HBO HBO (East),
Channel 501
HBOW HBO (West),
 Channel 504
HBO Family (East),
 Channel 507
HBFW HBO Family (West),
 Channel 508
HBO2 HBO2 (East),
 Channel 502
HB2W HBO2 (West),
 Channel 505
HBOS HBO Signature,
 Channel 503

Direct TV CineMAX :: Ultimate Movie Experience

Order Cinemax with Direct TV and get exclusive Hollywood premieres and the biggest variety of hit movies. Cinemax has fewest repeats of any premium service and a new movie premiere every Saturday night.


MAX Cinemax (East),
 Channel 512
MaxW Cinemax (West)
Channel 514
 Channel 513



Direct TV ShowTime Unlimited :: Unlimited Movies

With ShowTime Unlimited there is unlimited of one thing - Action and Fights. All boldly telecasted, done by no other channel. With ShowTime Comes 5 Channels

Sho SHOWTIME (East),
 Channel 537
ShoW SHOWTIME (West)Channel 540
 Channel 538
Sho3 SHOWTIME Showcase,
 Channel 539
Channel 542
Sund Sundance Channel, Channel 549

Direct TV Starz Super Pack :: Variety to the MAX

Starz Super Pack is the Best Movie Value from Direct TV with over 600 different movies a month playing on 12 distinct movie channels. with 12 channels in its line up starz super pack gives you new premiers and themed movies all the time with specialty theme channels, including 4 Starz, 2 Encore and 6 Encore theme channels. When you order Starz Super Pack you'll get 12 channels of variety to the MAZ


STZE Starz (East),
Channel 520
SZ2E Starz Edge,
Channel 522
BSTZ Starz InBlack,
 Channel 523
ENCE Starz - Encore (East),
 Channel 526
ENCW Starz - Encore (West),Channel 527
LOVE Starz - Encore Love,
 Channel 528
WSTN Starz - Encore Westerns,
 Channel 529
MYST Starz - Encore Mystery,
 Channel 530
ACTN Starz - Encore Action
Channel 532
TRUE Starz - Encore
 Drama, Channel 531
WAM! Starz - Encore Warm
Channel 533


Direct TV Movies :: Other Channels

TMC The Movie Channel (East),
Channel 544
TMCW The Movie Channel (West),
Channel 545
 Channel 547
American Movie Classics (AMC),
 Channel 254
Fox Movie Channel,
Channel 258
Independent Film Channel,
Channel 550
Lifetime Movie Network,
 Channel 253
Turner Classic Movies (TCM),
Channel 256


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