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Direct TV Programming Packages & Channels

Direct TV - What They've Got

With Direct TV satellite system, the choice is all yours. Direct TV gives you a number of options to choose your preference, so whether you’re a die hard football maniac or a teeny bopper with a scream for Usher, you’ll be making a choice on what you want to watch. And of course, like any other service provider, our prices vary according to the plans, so if you see our charges heading upward, it simply means you’re getting the best deal for a larger package.

Direct TV Programming packages fall under 3 specifications:

Click On Package Name for complete information


over 135 channels for $41.99/month

This is Great TV- The first of what we have to offer, the TOTAL CHOICE package gives you more than 135 channels of qualitative programming. You’ll get movies, music, sports and all local channels in one, unbelievable deal. If you’re looking for great TV then, looks like you just found it.


over 155 channels for $45.99/month

Here's One For Everyone – Second in line is the Total Choice Plus package, giving 155 channels of satellite transmission, inclusive of children’s shows, various sports networks, the best in news and entertainment, commercial-free music, and all your local channels at an unbeatable price.



over 215 channels for $93.99/month

Size Does Matter – The big daddy of all our packages, the Total Choice Premier gives you the ultimate in home entertainment. With over 215 channels comprising of everything our base packages have to offer, an infinite line-up of excellent movie channels, varied sports networks and all your local channels, this package is a dose of irresistible entertainment.



Direct TV's base packages are a real treat but here’s what really makes entertainment an experience. ‘Premium services’, is the terminology we use but you’ll probably end up calling it a simple ‘wow’.

Premium packages are for all those movie and sport fanatics that need to be entertained 24/7.

In these packages you’ll find over 30 movie channels to create your personalized package from with a wide range of Hollywood hits and award-winning originals.  Say hello to the world of cinema in your living room!!

For the sport hungry, Direct TV's SPORTS PACK premium service should do the trick. With over 25 regional channels and specialty networks, get you’re take on the best from auto sports to fly fishing.

Premium services offer 3 mammoth movie packages and 1 gigantic, all-inclusive sports package. Here’s the catch – the more packages you subscribe for, the less you’ll pay. Take a look:

Click on the package name for more information

HBO Starz Super Pack ShowTime Unlimited
CineMax     Sports Pack


Adult Programming

Mature viewers who want fiesta of adult entertainment are also taken care of Direct TV's satellite entertainment services. enjoy pay-per-view programming from top channels like Playboy TV, A Taste of Spice, SPICE PLATINUM, The Hot Network and The Hot Zone

International Programming

DirecTV takes a great step forward in bringing you to the world outside, without leaving your home. For your viewing pleasure is an exceptional blend of international programming in Vietnamese, Chinese, South Asian and Spanish languages. And you’ll find it won’t be long before you have a lot more to choose from!

Click on the package name for more information 

Direct TV Para Todos

Great mix of Spanish and English programming to bring the best of both worlds together. you can choose from various Para Todos Channel packages.


South Asian

Six services featuring different South Asian languages.  


The Vietnamese Direct service featuring the Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN), the first 24-hour Vietnamese programming network in America. 


Sky TG24 broadcasts in Italian and is dedicated entirely to news, with live news features every 30 minutes. The channel features in-depth stories and reports, including debates with guests in-studio.


Three different Chinese-Language packages with programming in both Cantonese and Mandarin broadcast from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.



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