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Info Bank / Direct TV Frequently Asked Questions / Direct TV Basics / How do I disconnect my service?

How do I disconnect my service?

If in a rare case you want to disconnect DirecTV service, just call DirecTV with the number on your bill. For security reasons, these requests can't be processed through e-mail, and instead of disconnecting your service, you may want to think about these options:

Temporary Account Suspension Feature:
With this option keeps your account active temporarily until the time you want to restore your DirecTV service. This service is available to you at no extra charge. This is a convenient option if you will be vacationing for an extended period of time. Note that this option is not available to customers who have arranged to maintain a certain level of programming in exchange for a special proposal or equipment price.

Direct TV Movers Connection:
You can just leave your dish where it is and take your receivers to your new home. You'll get a new dish and you can install the new dish and your receivers at your new home. Visit DirecTV Movers Connection page or call DirecTV Movers Hotline at 1-877-616-MOVE to get started fresh.

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