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Direct TV Information :: All About Direct TV

Direct TV Satellite System backed by Hughes electronics became the first company to start the DTH revolution in the country. Hughes is a communication satellite major which started Direct TV in 1999 which became an instant hit. two years later Dish network a direct competitor of Direct TV started its services

Direct TV Satellite entertainment is now the market leader even after several years of stiff competition from dish network. Direct TV operates over 15 satellites which float in space over the country endlessly feeding hours and hours of entertainment into small dishes on the rooftops of the customer's houses. Bundled together are not only TV programs but also internet via satellite and radio channels

Direct TV today offers hundreds of channels both local and international. From channels form the Far East to channels from South American Direct TV covers it all. Direct TV not only created history by starting the DTH or the DTV revolution but also brings in the future of home entertainment to your TV screens


With cable TV bill rising so is the popularity of Direct TV. many people now have started dumping the cable service and prefer to have a Direct TV dish on their rooftops.

The Digital Satellite System (DSS) was developed by Hughes Electronics Corporation under the Direct TV name. Hughes has long been a major manufacturer and operator of communications satellites, and established (started testing) Direct TV in 1990. The first high power Hughes satellite DBS-1 was launched in 1993 at 101 degrees, and two more have since been launched into the same slot to give DSS a capacity of 200+ channels.

DBS orbital frequencies at 101 degrees were owned by Direct TV and USSB, and in 1991 these two companies formed an agreement to market their combined channels under the DSS name using the Hughes DBS satellites and the DSS equipment. Direct TV has since bought out USSB and discontinued using DSS as a trade name.

The United States Broadcasting, Inc. (USSB) was established in 1981 as a subsidiary of Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., and was one of the original DBS license in the US.

The 18 inch dish and the digital receivers are manufactured under license by several manufacturers and sold under the popular consumer names such as RCA, Sony, Hughes, and others.



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