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Direct TV Programming & Channel Details

Direct TV offers viewers a gamut of channels and programs to choose from. Also in store are special Direct TV sports packages like the NFL Sunday Ticket and Mega March Madness which are licensed to Direct TV and cannot be provided by Dish Network or any other satellite television provider.

Direct TV Programming also includes most local channels in the U.S.A., giving the subscribing population the added bonus of watching local channels with the same benefits as any other channel broadcast through satellite.

Direct TV also has a special something for viewers with high definition television (HDTV) sets, a unique package compatible to such receivers, featuring 4 channels with high definition programming. Along with the quartet of ESPN, Discovery, HDNet and HDNET movies also available are prime high definition programs on HBO and Showtime.

Direct TV Offers more than 200 channels. there is channels for each one of the family. from the history channel to kids play channel direct TV has it all. do you have direct TV at home?? if no its time to bring one home.

Click on the Channel type for more information

Movie Channels
Big Movie Fan? want to watch all the block busters in the comfort of your couch? ,want to have a theatre experience at home? Watch premier movie channels like hbo, starz, Showtime and cinemax which bring you the best of the movies to your television screen only with direct TBV

Sports Channels
You are the sporty kind? want to follow the progress of your favorite teams in the leagues. from local action, college sports and all the major hockey , football, soccer, basketball, baseball leagues just get direct TV .they got it all with their selection of major professional and college sports subscriptions from the nfl, nba, mlb, nhl, mls and espn and pver PLUS 25 specialty and regional sports networks with our sports pack premium service.

Family & Children channels
fun and entertainment for all the kids in the family. All kids whatever age they might me :)

Arts & Entertainment channels
Comedy, Drama, Soaps& Performance makes your day. Direct TV Satellite Programming has the best mix to make you happy with all the entertainment and arts programming throughout the day

News & Information channels
latest in news, sports, weather, business, commerce, world happenings, stock market, direct TV has got it all

Music choice on direct TV service
Follow the religion of music? then direct TV is a prophet! listen to digital-quality sound on up to 36 commercial-free music choice® channels what more can you ask for. Go drown yourself into the music

Music video channels
Music is just for the ears, watch music videos which gives you an audio visual experience. check out your favorite artists on mtv, vh1 and other popular music video channels

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